Under the ERASMUS+ program of the Agency for Mobility and EU Programs, Key action 3 (KA3) is constructed to serve as a support for policy reform. This key action supports:

  1. Knowledge in the field of education, youth training and policy making based on the evidence and monitored within the Europe 2020 framework.
  2. Initiatives in the field of innovative policy making among the participants, as well as enabling public institutions to take part in evaluation of those policies by providing them with tested methodology and systems of assessment;
  3. Support of European policy instruments in order to facilitate skills and qualifications transparency and recognition, as well as the transfer of credits, quality, evaluation of (in)formal learning, skills and counselling.
  4. Cooperation with international organizations with recognized expertise and abilities (for example, OECD and the European Council), to strengthen the impact and value of policies in the fields of education, training and youth;
  5. Dialogue with participants, cooperation with local authorities, institutions and service providers in the promotion of policies and programs linked to strategies of the Europe 2020, the framework of education and training 2020, the European strategy for youth, and other European programs for various sectors, as well as the external education, training and youth policies in the EU.